Feb 282011

Just finished updating all the mineral photos (bigger, cleaned up backgrounds, better color balance, etc.) and also posted several new ones including the first attempt at photographing a fluorescent piece.

Drill down to the photos by name or by location.

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  3 Responses to “Rock Pictures!”

  1. Great job on putting together some excellent pictures of collecting areas and environs. Definitely worthwhile to have a look at sites and especially see what it takes to get there. You might add photos of minerals you found at the sites or if they were zeros that would be good to know.

    Regards, L.Dee, Geologist [ret]

  2. I love your photos! It looks like you have traveled all around Colorado! I am just curious if I could use your photo of the Dotsero Crater in a Colorado History lesson. I teach 4th grade, and my dream is to someday sell my lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers. I am writing a lesson about the Dotero crater and would love a visual. I would reference your site in the teacher notes.

    Tina Troyer

  3. Great Trips! Thanks For Sharing, Love viewing these, what fun you must of had… Wish we could get away to do this…someday, we will see

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