Jun 122016

Questar makes a really good wedge and pier assembly, but 1) It’s over $1600, and 2) I already have an AstroTrac wedge and pier.

So, with a piece of 1/4″ thick 6061 aluminum and a little CNC mill work, the Questar and the AstroTrac are now joined.

Here’s the basic plate:

The right portion attaches to the AstroTrac wedge, and the left to the base of the Questar.

This little loop is for the AstroTrac’s polar finder scope. The three small holes will have 1/8″ diameter neodymium magnets epoxied into them for securing the polar finder.

Here it is completed and all together:

And a better view of the plate from underneath:

The scope’s center of gravity is almost perfectly over the wedge, and the polar finder is invaluable for setting up the Questar.

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